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My engineering journey has been 5 decades in the making. A privileged start at Rolls Royce gave me the tools to successfully take on challenges which in turn have opened many doors. My clients vary from ordinary members of the public all the way through to Marine scientists, UK and US Special Forces, MOD, NAVSEA, Submarine rescue and tourist submarine operators. The following pages detail some of the milestones that lead to the Steel Fish design organisation and my approach to underwater habitat and personal submarine design.

Paul Moorhouse, Steel Fish Ltd


Engineering Submarines Since 1985

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Triton DV24 24 passenger Submarine front view in harbour


The submarine has always been a source of fascination for me. Much like a spaceship, a submarine is a vessel that carries everything it needs to venture into an alien environment – in this case, the deep, mysterious world beneath the waves. At Steel Fish Ltd, I undertake personal submarine design and construction, specifically tailored to the precise needs and desires of all clients. Whether it's a state-of-the-art military vessel, a luxurious personal submarine, or a reliable rescue craft, I am committed to delivering exceptional engineering solutions under all circumstances.


Underwater habitat, Poseidon Undersea Resort Bedroom looking our over reef

Underwater Habitats

In addition to personal submarine design, I offer the creation of livable underwater habitats. More and more people are seeking the ultimate marine experience and so, inspired by the underwater habitats built by the legendary Jacques Cousteau in the 1960s, I work closely with clients to see their ideas brought to life. I design and construct luxurious, comfortable and functional underwater living spaces that cater to unique requirements and personal preferences.

Underwater Habitats 



From Car Kits to Submarines in the Antarctic


The History of Steel Fish

From stating college at 18 to building my first submarine was a journey in itself. The History of Steel Fish covers those first 20 years, from college days at Rolls Royce whilst building a series of one-off sports cars to building my first submarine. The sports car projects lead to Marlin Engineering and the production of 2,000 Marlin Kit cars, many of which are still in daily use after 40 years.

My continued interest in personal submarine design led to the construction of the first mini submarine, S101, in 1986.  This was followed soon after by S102 for a Swedish Navy contract. Both were mini diesel-electric submarines and they provided the launching point for a long career in mini submarine design, both personal mini submarines as well as mini subs for military use.

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